The Cobra

Why Evolution Is True

I’ve previously published a photo and some information on Stephen Barnard’s Shelby Cobra, but yesterday we got to take it out for a spin. That thing sure can accelerate, and it’s loud and has five forward gears. The tailpipe runs along the passenger’s side, so you have to be careful not to burn yourself when getting out:

Stephen in the car:


A Cobra selfie:


What I was told: the engine is a 427 cubic inch, Ford 351 Windsor, bored and stroked (shades of the Beach Boys!). I’m also told it’s “naturally aspirated” with a four-barrel carburetor, and has 535 horsepower. It could probably go up to 160 miles per hour, but we didn’t take it up nearly that high.


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Astrology… Sagan… Enough said….

carl was the greatest and sad hes gone but here in spirit


At least one would think ‘enough said’. apparently not.

Astrology and all the other pseudo-sciences annoy me..

I cannot comprehend continued belief in this tom-foolery!

I would try and say something eloquently deep and convincing on the topic, but to pretend anyone can do that better than Sagan is absurd.


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BONUS CLIP! Farrah Abraham Forces Father to Wear Her New Restaurant Mascot Costume

so different

Teen Mom Madness

Fruit Michael Farrah 1

In a bonus clip of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham receives a custom made mascot costume for her future restaurant and forces her father to test it out! So Michael begrudgingly dresses himself as a giant passion fruit named “Coba the Boba.

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